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Aircraft Component Repair - ACR
25058 Anza Drive
CA 91355
Tel.: +1 661 295 6677
Fax: +1 661 295 6679
Email: [email protected]
Director of Engineering: Kevin Tung [email protected] +1 661 295 6677
At Aircraft Component Repair, Inc. (ACR) we consider ourselves a machine shop and engineering company owned and operated by engineers specializing in performing Standard CMM / OHM repairs and ACR-Developed repairs as well as one-time reclamation repairs. ACR has a group of highly trained and motivated machinists working on a myriad of equipment; such as lathes, mills, NC Jig Grinders, Presses, and many other machinery onsite. The engineers combined work experience and expertise is exemplified by the superior workmanship of each ACR repaired or reclaimed part returned to our customer. We are an FAA, EASA, China CAAC, Thai DGAC and Indonesian DGAC approved repair station and a leading subcontractor to the airline industry developing and performing unique piece-part repairs on aircraft components.

Aircraft Component Repair has FAA Approval for the following MINOR Repair Processes:

  • ACR 300-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that ACR has developed and tested; providing the results to the FAA to obtain Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) approval
  • ACR 3000-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that were similarly developed by ACR and then evaluated and approved by the ACO
  • ACR 4000-Series Repairs – These are individual repairs that were developed by ACR through processes approved by the FAA ACO and considered FAA-Approved upon completion of development

Whether a full redesign of a piece part or a product improvement, Aircraft Component Repair, Inc. has the engineering skills to match your needs! Our facility is located in a spacious 10,000 square-foot building within a modern, high-tech, industrial warehouse north of Los Angeles in Valencia, CA. ACR concentrates on piece-part repairs to pneumatic starters, constant speed drive/integrated drive generators, hydraulic units, and both pneumatic and fluid valves as well as other areas of the aircraft.