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A & R Aviation Services Inc
7915 Old Hwy 99 SE
WA 98501
Tel.: +1 360 236 9928
Fax: +1 360 236 9929
Email: [email protected]

MRO categories:
  • Component repair

A&R Aviation Services Specializes in the Repair/Overhaul and the Aftermarket Sales support for the following components.

  • Flight Surfaces – Flaps, Vanes, Ailerons, Spoilers, Wing Tips, Slats, Tabs, Elevators, & Rudders.
  • Nacelles – Inlets Cowls, Side Cowls, Blocker Doors, Translating Sleeves, Fan Cowls, Nose Domes.
  • Airframe – Doors (Landing Gear, Entry, & Access), Panels, Fairings, Leading Edges, Tail cones, and miscellaneous structural fittings.
  • Windows – Sliders, Mains, Eye Brows, and Fixed Side. 
  • Accessories – Water Transmitters, Drain Masts, and miscellaneous accessory components.
  • Interiors – Seats, PSU’s, Panels, Lavatory components.
  • One Off AOG’s – Fittings, Supports, Retainers…etc.

We are a dedicated company that can and will fulfill high customer expectations. We want to provide you with safe parts while saving you money and building our reputation. We have extensive technical resources and offer innovative and in-depth search methods to support your repair and overhaul needs. We are committed to investing in inventory as a means to provide our customers with viable options for your material requirements.