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123 Aircraft Repair PlantFlag of Russia

123 Aircraft Repair Plant
175201 Staraya Russa
Novgorod region
Tel.: +7 816 52 368 00
Fax : +7 816 52 594 93
Email: [email protected]
Production Director: Aleksandr Ilich Ignatev [email protected] +7 816 52 368 49
Deputy MD, Business Operations: Sergey Vladimirovich Davydov [email protected] +7 816 52 368 30
MRO categories:
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Component repair
Services & capabilities:
  • Repair and maintenance of IL-76, IL-78, L-410 UVP-E3 aircraft
  • Repair of aircraft components
  • Repair of D-30KP / KP2, AI-20 engines
  • Repair of APUs types TG and TG-16-16M
  • Repair of AV-68I and AB-72T propellers
  • Refurbishment of IL-76 for civil aviation purposes
  • Aircraft painting
  • -
  • Staraya Russa

JSC 123 Aircraft Repair Plant has 75-year history and is unique in its way now engaged in a full aircraft maintenance cycle, all its systems and engines. Industrial buildings and constructions, stationary parking of aircraft, aircraft engine testing station, the station ground and flight tests, airfield, runway, warehousing, facilities support units are located on its territory. The company has its own stand-alone power systems. In the state of the enterprise its flight test crew. Two communicating rooms, equipped with modern accounting crossing facilities provide capacity for two thousand workers on a daily basis.