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Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior GmbHFlag of Germany 

Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior GmbH 
Frankenring 15
30855 Langenhagen
Tel.: +49 511 74076-0
Fax: +49 511 74076-66
Email: [email protected]
Director Sales & Customer Service: Lorenz Förster +49 511 74076-22
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Our main expertise is the development, production and supply of components for aircraft manufacturing. Innovative development work by Wulfmeyer which skillfully combines creativity with an eye for feasibility, led repeatedly to higher design quality of aircraft interior products. This includes the development of special adhesives as well as the sandwich-system for NTF and closed-cell insulation foam, which particularly consistently meet the specific requirements of aviation. In fact, Wulfmeyer maintains a market-leading position in these areas.