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Vartan Product Support GmbH
Hein-Sass-Weg 24
D-21129 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 40 7421 2423
Fax: +49 40 7421 2410
Email: [email protected]
Director Quality: Max Beckedorf [email protected]
Director Field Service Ops: Bjoern Bischkopf [email protected]
Director Production: Ingo Grünewald [email protected]
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We have established an experienced team of professional trained specialists for cabin interior production. We are covering the whole production range from surface treatment over paint and decoration up to final assembly in our own workshops. Currently we are subcontracted to several manufacturer taking over their processes for paint, decoration and assembly work. Knowing OEM and Airline quality standards from our Product Support activities we are able to fulfill all customer’ expectations.

Paint, Decor and Assembly Shops in Hamburg, Toulouse, Seattle, Mobile and Abu Dhabi