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TCI Kabin Ici Sistemleri
Sabiha Gokcen Havalimani
THY HABOM Tesisleri
Tel.: +90 216 585 98 48
Fax: +90 216 585 98 49
Email: [email protected]
Sales & Business Development : Hasan Gultemiz Tel.: +90 537 269 7068
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TCI manufactures its galleys of either ready made honeycomb composite panels or panels manufactured in house (curved and contoured panels) using composite bonding technics combined with light weight metal structures. There are in house capabilities for all detail parts including electrical harnesses, boards, NC metal and panel cutting, tubing etc. TCI is highly specialized in design and manufacturing of the tools for composite and galley assembly tools. Using this specialty and modular tooling concepts employed TCI can manufacture galleys to fit into any cabin structure without any problems. 


  • Textile& Leather All of our products have«EASA/FAR 25.853» Flammability and«ABD0031» Smoke& Toxicity properties.
  • Aircraft Carpet (100% Wool)
  • Aircraft Leather (All kinds of color and quality)
  • Aircraft Upholstery and Curtain Fabric (100% Wool or Wool + PA up to 15%)
  • Aircraft Passenger Blanket (Polar or Acrilic)

  • Aircraft Galley, Stowages& Catering Equipments
  • Trolley:ETSOC175 Certified units can be delivered starting from mid 2012.
  • Aircraft Galleys& Miscellenaous Stowages: TCI accepts orders for retrofit projects whose delivery starting from mid 2013.