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Steecon Enterprises Inc 
5362 Industrial Drive
Huntington Beach
CA 92649
Tel.: +1 714 895 5313
Fax: +1 714 895 3535
Email: [email protected]
President: Chris Steel
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All doors include Steecon-patented safety decompression hinges - FAA-approved frangible technology. Unique to our hinge design is a "reset" feature that enables the hinges and door to be set back into the original operable position should the door become disengaged.
Choose from a variety of “standard” mechanized door configurations to suit your aircraft type, size and project needs: 
  • Pocket or swing
  • Single or dual/double panel
  • Automated/electric or manual-operation
A 2.25-inch bulkhead pocket is all that is needed to accommodate most door types; mechanisms are conveniently mounted on support panels and ship fully assembled for installation ease. Due to the highly customized nature of cabin interiors, our doors do not include door panel finishing material; completion centers will supply and install this material per their customer’s specifications. 

Also available with most automated doors is the Steecon-patented “Easy Access” feature which provides technician access to critical components in minutes vs. hours without bulkhead removal.

Door Handles/Latches

Crafted specifically for Steecon doors, our stylish handles and privacy latches are guaranteed to work effortlessly with internal door mechanisms while improving door aesthetics and complimenting the overall cabin design. Included with each door purchase is a standard Steecon handle set. Choose from three (3) latching styles (P/N 3502342, 3502377 or 3502682) or two (2) non-latching (P/N 3502419 or 3502675). If your project requires a custom-designed or built handle, give us your specs and we will provide a no-obligation quote.

The key advantage to using our standard or custom-built handles is the assurance that they will be positioned correctly and operate the door flawlessly.