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Skylock Industries IncFlag of USA

Skylock Industries Inc
1290 West Optical Drive
CA 91702
Tel.: +1 626 334 2391
Fax: +1 626 815 2595
Email: [email protected]
President: Jim Pease
Director, Business development: David Ladin
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Skylock has been a leader in the designing and manufacturing of superior quality operating hardware for both commerical and military applications since 1974. Products include aircraft interior and exteriro hardware such as structural latches, retainers, struts, door bolting systems, potable water dispensing equipment, faucets and drains, slides and specialty screw machine products for use in industries such as the medical field and hardware for helicopters, trains, motor homes and watercraft. We have many FAA PMA approvals and is an approvedd FAA Repair Station.