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Semco Aerospace
9637 Owensmouth Ave
CA 91311
Tel.: +1 818 678 9381
Fax: +1 818 678 9384
Email: [email protected]
President: Joe Sember [email protected]
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Semco Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft and automotive seating components. Specifically, Semco’s products are primarily interactive pneumatically adjustable seat and lumbar support cushion systems and inflatable bladders for seat comfort adjustment. Semco or its predecessors have been the world’s largest producer of interactive seat cushions for the commercial aircraft industry since 1974. The cushions are controlled with a cable operated pushbutton control mounted in the seat armrest. When activated, and the seat occupant rests on the seat back, the cushion (and therefore the seat back) conforms to the shape of the occupant’s back providing total support for the lower spine.