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Lantal Textiles AGFlag of Switzerland

Lantal Textiles AG
Dorfgasse 5
CH-4901 Langenthal
Tel.: +41 62 916 71 71
Fax: +41 62 923 25 32
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Dr Urs Rickenbacher
Director, Markets: Peter Kämpfer
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Lantal is a leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles and services for the international community of aircraft, bus, and railway operators as well as for VIP jets and superyachts. Lantal has been serving the aviation industry for over 60 years. We owe our status as one of the world's leading providers of all-in-one solutions for aircraft interiors to this experience, long-standing partnerships, premium quality, and innovative developments. All major airframe makers and over 300 airlines vest their trust in our know-how.