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6-11-25 Osawa
Tokyo 181-8571
Tel.: +81 422 31 9111
Fax: +81 422 31 6111
CEO: Yoshihisa Suzuki
President, Aircraft Interiors Company: Yasuo Sekikawa
General Manger, Global Sales: Yasushige Aoki
The global demand for passenger aircraft is forecasted for continuous growth, propelling competition among airlines to grow more intensely, leading to aggressive cost reductions and demand for creating differentiation of services amongst competitors.

To meet this new opportunity, JAMCO has steadily developed into a one stop solution resource for all aircraft cabin equipment and has dedicated itself to the creation of variable cabin environment, with attention to total cost savings.

Not every aircraft interiors company has the capability to produce the entire cabin interior. JAMCO proudly presents the organization capability from design proposal based on historical experiences with Galleys / Lavatories through acquisition of certification approvals. Design and/or arrangement of aircraft cabin emphasis with unique concepts varying on the airline needs.

JAMCO precisely understands the variable needs of the airlines and particularly dedicating in the area of cabin modifications. Establishing a world manufacturing network, each specializing in a variety of aircraft cabin equipment and modification of cabins, allows JAMCO to provide solutions to meet our customer needs.