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Our production program covers a wide range of cabin interiors for airlines and luxurious private aircraft, as well. For the passenger compartment we develop and manufacture cabin standards such as partitions, bulkheads, coat rooms, doghouses, and cabinets, numerous holders and racks, as well as picture frames and other ancillary equipment. We also develop and produce emergency medical equipment required inside every aircraft. In addition, we offer a complete line of services ranging from consultant engineering to static testing of interior components.
Products & Capabilities:
Aircraft Interior
Production of partitions, bulkheads, stowages, doghouses, and numerous ancillary equipment such as baby bassinets, magazine racks, literature pockets, picture frames, flower and cosmetic holders of various kinds.

Executive Aircraft Interior
Innovint undertake manufacture, design, and refurbishment of executive interior components. The extent of involvement into the industrial design work of the interior depends on customer requirements.

Emergency Medical Equipment
The on-board medical equipment is defined by the FAR, EASA and national requirements. Innovint kits are based on a modular system and comprise mandatory basic kits as well as advanced and customized configurations.

Child Restraint System SkyKids
CThe safe transport of children in passenger aircraft is a high priority for parents, airlines and airworthiness authorities. The SkyKids® inflight child’s seat was first approved by the German Aviation Authority and holds today EASA TSO level approval. With the help of the normal passenger lap belt the seat can be secured to all common aircraft seats. Not in use it folds together into an easily stowed size.