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From 2013  WTC – Aviation Leather brand has been acquired by the IMMEDIO CONTRACT s.r.l. , another company of Martirani Group.

From several generations the IMMEDIO CONTRACT s.r.l., ISO EN 9001-2008 certified (n° 605SGQ00), is an Italian leather supplier providing the finest top quality leather, in different kind of texture and match colour, for commercial, business and VIP aircraft upholstery leather end-uses.

IMMEDIO CONTRACT S.R.L. skilfully combine traditional methods with the most modern technologies in order to be able to deliver the highest level of the quality at all times and to extend the fine leather seating’s life.

Product Info:
The thickness of our leathers can vary from 0,8 to 1,3 mm. Our row materials are selected  mainly from the best  European slaughter house, expecting an average size in the range  4,5 – 5 sqm.

WTC – Aviation Leather complies with all the fire-worthiness regulations (FAR Regulation 25.853 (a) Appendix F Part One, Vertical Flame Testing and FAR Regulation 25.853 (b) Appendix F Part Two, C” Burn, Combination testing) as well as with the Airbus and Boeing requirements concerning smoke density and toxicity (ABD0031 and BSS 238, BSS 7239).

Flammability tests to substantiate compliance to fire-block regulations for any specific batch on delivery are carried-out in an independent laboratory certified by the Aviation Authority (EASA and Italian Aviation Authority – ENAC).