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Global Aerospace Services Inc.
3653 Regent Blvd., Suite #104
FL 32224
Tel.: +1 904 273 1200
Fax: +1 904 273 2596
Email: [email protected]
President: Jim Tilbrook Mob.: +1 904 477 3369 [email protected]
Design/Paint/Completions: Pamela Wiltgen Mob.: +1 970 640 2202 [email protected]
Director of Sales & Marketing: John Gorski Mob.: +1 904 868 6088 [email protected]
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Global Aerospace Services Inc. is an aerospace technical sales and marketing organization representing, reselling and distributing manufacturer's products worldwide.  Through a network of in-country foreign nationals and offices we identify supplier capabilities to match with recognized customer needs to find and facilitate orders for profit while maintaining client satisfaction with an emphasis on continual improvement

Founded in 1998, Global Aerospace Services Inc. is an independent company Incorporated in the State of 
New York.  We are headquartered in the Jacksonville area of Florida involved in the Commercial and Military Aerospace Industry and provide the following services:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Alternative Supplier Research
  • Technical Sales and Support
  • Territory Sales Representation
  • Niche Product Distribution
  • Bonded Warehousing
  • U. S. A. Department of State and Commerce Export License Experience

Global Aerospace Services Inc. is certified and conforms to ISO 9001:2008 / AS 9120: 2002 international standards. 

Interior Design

  Interior: We specialize in high quality work with the emphasis on elegance and style, all to suit your needs and desires. Depending on the documentation needs of your aircraft, you will be provided with Flammability test reports (TPR) and includes all FAA and EASA documentation. Passenger seats (9G and 10G) Business Class Seats, First Class Seats, Premium Economy Class, Economy Class Seats, Pilot/Co-Pilot Seats, Navigator/Flight Engineer Seats, Flight Attendant Seats. 
Decorative Tedlar Re-lamination 
Custom Plating Finishes 
Amenities: China, Crystal, Flatware, Linens, and Custom Bedding, numerous options available to provide endless finishing touches and ambience for our customer's aircraft. 



Artist renditions for the exterior paint of your aircraft

maybe created to enhance your existing interior or

generated to accent your new interior selection.

Global Aerospace Services artist can apply elaborate to conservative stripe selections, corporate logos and colors to your aircraft scheme for approval.

From preliminary design to completion date of delivery Global Aerospace Services Inc. we are able to support your needs in person, on site, by email, or phone. Global Aerospace Service Inc.'s design team has the ability to offer expert solutions to meet your refurbishment requirements with uncompromising attention to detail.

Innovative approach to help our customers take aviation to the next level. Global Aerospace Services Inc. brings together the people, the power, the passion, and performance to get the job done.

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