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FlitePartners Ltd
Bridge House, First Floor
27-31 Reading Road South
Hampshire, GU52 7QP
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1252 560 380
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Paul Palmer
Propject Coordinator: Amanda Howard

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Interiors - LOPA

FlitePartners Ltd, offers a Design and Certification service for Seating Layout reconfigurations for commercial jet and turboprop transport aircraft. A change to the Layout Of Passenger Accommodation (LOPA) would be supplied with a LOPA drawing and a Passenger Service Unit (PSU) drawing if required. This would all be incorporated into an Engineering Order approved by EASA and/or FAA STC or Minor Mod as applicable.
 As part of your configuration change, FlitePartners can provide a matrix for CAM reprogramming and even organise the Reprogramming for you.  

Interiors - Seat Cover & Cushion Change

FlitePartners Ltd, offers a Design and Certification service for Seat Cover and Cushion changes which is achievable for both 9g and 16g aircraft seats for commercial jet and turboprop aircraft. A Seat Cover and Cushion change would be accompanied by an Engineering Order, Flammability Test Report and technical drawings if required.