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Egret Aviation
71 Jiangpu Road
Jiangsu 215126
Tel.: +86 512 6238 7800
Fax: +86 512 6238 7830
Email: [email protected]
Director of Business Development: Maksim Zhuravljov [email protected] +86 159 5244 2932
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Designing and manufacturing of aircraft and railway train galley service equipment is the core business of Egret Aviation.

Our products include standard and customized in-flight meal carts, beverage carts, duty-free sales carts, standard containers, oven racks, alum trays for oven racks, alum and plastic drawers, folding trolleys, etc. All our products for airline industry comply with FAA TSO C-175, EASA ETSO C-175, CAAC CTSO C-175 and other relevant requirements. We focus on offering global markets quality products with excellent customer service, short lead time and significant cost advantages.