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Diehl Aerosystems

Diehl Aerosystems Flag of Germany

Diehl Aerosystems
Am Flugplatz
88471 Laupheim
Tel.: +49 7392 703-0
Fax: +49 7392 703-1860
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Department Technology: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Diehl
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Diehl Comfort Modules' extensive range in the toilet segment boasts state-of-the-art design and intelligent functionality.

Standardized and yet totally individual: Besides the high-quality basic features, a whole host of optional extras are also available. So today's individually equipped toilets from Diehl Comfort Modules are effectively a new interpretation of the term "standard". All Diehl Comfort Modules products set new standards in terms of their weight optimization and acknowledged high degree of reliability.

Passengers flying first class on board the Emirates A380 enjoy the comfort of two spacious bathrooms. Whether it's to take a shower, freshen up, or simply for a quick change of clothing, thanks to the elaborate new luxury area, discerning guests can be sure of reaching their destination feeling fully relaxed. An array of exquisite furnishings, design highlights, and lighting features blend to create a most impressive overall concept. The furnishings include a stylish wash basin in marble decor, an illuminated vanity mirror, a movable magnifying mirror, and ample space for perfume, aftershave, and other accessories. A hair dryer and underfloor heating round off this luxurious spa concept.