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The Bucher Group is structured as three companies, which are all globally active from their respective locations. But they complement each optimally, especially through their active exchange of know-how and experience which helps Bucher deliver added value to its customers.

Our products and services divisions are: Catering, Cabin, Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) and Automotive / VIP. Bucher solutions and products are used in Airbus, Boeing, Eurocopter, Pilatus and other aircraft.

Galleys: One of the key success factors in international air passenger transport is first-rate customer service. Naturally this also includes in-flight catering. Culinary quality obviously plays an important role, as does the ability to efficiently prepare and easily serve in-flight food. Here, being able to easily use Bucher galleys is what sets us apart.

With solid, modular designs, maintenance costs for our galleys remain low even after many years of use. Another reason to choose our products is the way that we involve our customers in the product development process. This benefits both parties. Finally, our many years of experience is an obvious plus point in any decision-making process.

Cabin: Passengers should experience a sense of well-being in the cabin. When they first get on the plane, the lockers for clothing and items of luggage should be easy to open. Having taken their seats, they should enter an environment that promises comfort and entertainment. There should be cleverly arranged trays offering a generous amount of space and monitors for vivid video enjoyment. Intelligent arm design is the key to this vision and we are currently developing further customer-specific solutions for other applications and enhancing passenger well-being with simple, intelligent products.

AeroMed: You need the right equipment to cope with special situations, particularly when it comes to air rescues or transporting patients by air. We have responded to these requirements with a wide range of specialized equipment – from the 16g compatible stretcher through to much more complex solutions for rescue helicopters and air ambulances as well as modules for medical first aid on scheduled flights.

This know-how has also helped us in the development of tactical police equipment. In all applications lightweight structures and creative, refined designs ensure maximum efficiency. These clearly reflect our key objective – to offer advice and support that systematically addresses customer requirements.