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BaseWest Inc
4240 116th Terrace North
FL 33762
Tel.: +1 727 573 2700
Fax: +1 727 573 4307
Email: [email protected]
President: Gary Leegate
VP Operations: Sherry Cook
Chief Engineer: Edgar Cuervo
Directory Categories:
Products & Capabilities:
  • Evacuation Slide Lighting
  • Evac Slide Lighting Batteries
  • Crew Light Battery

BaseWest has won every aircraft escape slide lighting program we have had the opportunity to bid since 1996 including: 737, 747-8, 757, 767, 777, 787, A320, A330/340, A350, A380, EMB 170/190, ARJ21, RRJ, and BD-500. We are an FAA-approved manufacturer under PMA and TSO authority, and our quality system is certified to AS9100 Rev. C and ISO9001:2008. Our skill set includes design and manufacture in electronics, lighting, battery packs, test equipment, and aircraft electrical cables.