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Aviointeriors has been producing aircraft cabin interiors equipment and mainly passenger seats for over 40 years, designing, certifying, manufacturing and delivering high-quality products to leading airlines and premium operators as well as to all the world aircraft manufacturers.
Aviointeriors directly controls the entire business cycle and it is strongly oriented towards product development and design through its team of designers and engineers, who ensure the continual stylistic and technical innovation that has always been a distinguishing feature of the company.

Based in Latina, Italy, one hour drive south of Rome, Aviointeriors is one of the most long-standing seat manufacturers in the world, and one of the top world leaders in the aircraft passenger seat market segment. It is the ambassador of the Italian style in the aircraft cabin world.

Aviointeriors believes that important competitive factors in the aircraft cabin interior equipment, and mainly in the aircraft passenger seat market include product quality and innovation, customer service and a proven reliability in all aspects which involves customers.