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STAG Group has introduced the new arm to its operation to focus on the specific requirements of cabin interiors. The company currently supplies its ownFlitetec branded solutions and represents products from other leading aerospace manufacturers.

As part of its wider offer, the aerospace and defence supply company has supported the interiors market for over 25 years. The move to form a dedicated division comes as a result of STAG Group growth and benefits the industry by providing a complete portfolio of solutions to meet the specific needs of this sector of airline operations. Established customers include Zodiac Aerospace, The AIM Group and DIEHL Aerosystems.

Commenting on the formation of the new division, Colin Davis, Group Director for the STAG Group said:

“STAG Group business has seen significant growth in recent years and we want to continue to provide the level of customer focus that has been the backbone of our brand to meet the specific niche requirements of the cabin interiors market. The new division will give customers a one-stop service which will assist airlines in differentiating their flight experience”.

“We have expertise in the design, manufacture and maintenance of non-structural vacuum formed plastic mouldings, specifically crew / passenger seats, business class work stations, galleys, toilets, windows and panels. In addition, to provide a complete cabin interiors supply solution, we also supply latches, hinges, seatbelts, leather and composite inserts from some of the leading aerospace manufacturers.”

Alongside its own products, the other manufacturers represented by the STAG Interiors Division include: Actron Manufacturing, Crescent Manufacturing, Davies Aircraft Products, Parasol Aviation, Saint Louis Designs, Wollsdorf Leather, The Young Engineers, GAMA Engineering, S.E.L.A. and LORD Corp.