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Garlow Cross
Co. Meath
Tel.: +353 86 829 9570
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Aero Aid specialise in the Provision, Overhaul and Repair of all types of Aircraft Emergency Equipment, which comply with the detailed requirements set down by the CAA and the FAA.

We supply JAA and FAA Complaint First Aid Kits to several Airlines and Leasing Companies. All of our kits can be customised to suit your particular requirements. We can also offer you the option of upgrading your existing kits to JAA or FAA minimum standards, reducing changes to certification problems, Safety Equipment Drawing Changes.

All of our Kits are serialised and the contents are updated and amended with each refurbishment / certification, to provide traceability and tracking of individual kits.Aero Aid can provide additional First Aid Kits, which can be provided to your Maintenance Provider or Out-Stations.