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ADSEFlag of the Netherlands

Scorpius 90, Southpoint International,Building A
2132 LR Hoofddorp
Tel.: +31 23 554 2255
Fax: +31 23 557 1069
Email: [email protected]
Manager, Aircraft Interiors: Jeroen Brandse [email protected] Tel.: +31 23 554 2255
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With our Aircraft Design and Engineering capabilities, we solve complex aircraft integration questions for aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, and aviation authorities all over the world. Based upon our extensive experience and using our structured and multi-disciplinary systems engineering approach, our teams provide high-tech technical and process integration solutions to achieve best quality, lower life cycle costs and shorter Time to Market, compliant to all regulatory aspects. Furthermore, ADSE is an EASA approved Part 21 Design Organisation (EASA.21J.481).

  • Aircraft performance, integration and aerodynamics
  • Interior & interior systems design, engineering and certification
  • Anti-icing and ECS design, engineering and certification
  • Avionics, electrical & electronic systems design, engineering and certification
  • Lightweight structures, composite materials and hydro-mechanical systems