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Shanghai Waycan Industrial Co Ltd
R8A7, Harvest Building
No585 West Longhua Road
Xuhui District
Tel.: +86-21-34693591
Fax: +86-21-34693592
Email: [email protected]

Waycan is a professional provider of Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE). We provide customers a complete range of ground support equipment with best quality. Our products include Aircraft Passenger Boarding Stairs/Steps (Towable/Electric/Self-propelled), Catering Truck, Ambulift, Baggage Conveyor Belt, Portable Water Service Truck, Lavatory Service Truck, Pallet Dolly, etc. 

Waycan have set up a very extensive worldwide sales and after-service network. Our customers include Airlines, Airports, Cargo Airlines, Ground Handlers, and Military organizations everywhere in the world. 

Waycan is consistently reviewed by our engineering teams in order to assure evolution, meeting and adapting to our customers specific requirements. Performance as well as simplicity, high reliability and low maintenance costs continuously drive our engineering efforts.

New Products
  • Automotive Passenger Stairs
  • Electric Passenger Stairs
  • Express Passenger Stair
  • Catering truckConveyor
  • Belt Loader
  • Lavatory service truck
  • Potable water service truck
  • Maintenance High Lift Truck
  • Pre-Conditioned Air Unit
  • Garbage Collection Truck
  • Airport Pallet Dolly
  • Airport Container Dolly
  • Airport Baggage Dolly
  • Push Back Towing Tractor
  • Baggage Towing Tractor