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Ulivieri Ricambi srl
Via Massa Avenza, 36
54100 Massa
Tel.: +39 0585 794311
Fax: +39 0585 794360
General Manager: Fernando Cecconi [email protected] +39 0585 794346
Ulivieri Ricambi was founded in 1975, therefore it can boast 40 years of activity in the field of the logistics, cargo handling and spare parts for large machines.

Their GSE DIVISION is in a partnership with the main companies that are in charge of maintenance of the vehicles on the italian airports grounds and strong with this experience and we are expanding our activities in africa, Middle East and Asia.

Our primary activity is to seek in the global market spare parts required for the airport activity, filtering the requests of the partner and finding the best possible solutions in terms of quality and delivery times. Therefore every day we have relationships with European, American, and Asiatic suppliers from which are coming the original, commercial and /or adaptable spare parts .