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Marketing Manager: Mrs Fiona Gallagher [email protected] Tel.: +44 141 309 5555

We can supply fully tailored aircraft docking systems that suit individual client specifications to standard access repair platforms for single module accessibility.

Challenging deadlines in the MRO industry requires maximum productivity to be achieved.

Why choose Turner Access Aircraft Docking Systems?

Fast Installation and Easy Handling
Our aviation maintenance platforms are quick to assemble and can encase any type of aircraft closely, enabling work to be carried out efficiently. Components are lightweight and easy to handle; yet extremely strong.

Aircraft docks and maintenance platforms can be constructed on mobile bases, enabling faster docking and de-docking. Joints will not come loose when the structure is being positioned.

Turner Access Aircraft Docks can be broken down, modified and re-configured, enabling them to be re-used time and time again for every type of aircraft*, unlike fixed aircraft docking.*Additional components and design may be required for other applications.

Quality Materials
High quality materials offering strength, speed, mobility and versatility are combined with design support to suit each client’s individual requirements. Our Aircraft Docking Platforms are manufactured in Scotland (UK) to ISO 9001:2008and comply with BS EN Product Standards & OSHA requirements.

Reliable Service
Aircraft Docking contracts service from design to manufacturing, installation and configuration. Training and technical advice are also available. Sales and rental packages can also be negotiated.