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Marketing Manager: Kemal Gunduz [email protected] +90 21 6527 4270 Ext. 132
Timsan  was  established in İstanbul in 1982 to carry out production of ground support equipment . Timsan has attained ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance system certification in 2002 by means of its production  quality and experience.Subsequent to this TSE and CE cerfications has been attained for products one by one.

The progression which  was  started with  Turkish Airlines, İstanbul Airlines, Çelebi, Havas  just in Turkey in 1982, is  being improved in these days by exportations to  30 agents in 41 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our firm carries out design-production-quality control- sales and service/maintance after sales of more then 40 ground support vehicles and lots of equipments in Airport Sector and Ground Support Vehicles Production Sector which includes ; palet and container dollies, baggage trailers, conveyors, passenger stairs, ambulance truck, catering truck, water and lavatory trucks, de-icing truck, maintenance platform, loader,air traffic control tower, aircraft &cargo tow tractors.

In 1988, Construction firm of Timsan has been established  as subsidiary company  for constructions of  industrial buildings in a turnkey manner.Since then The firm has been carried out more then 30 factory buildings and 4  hangar constructions.

  Our third  firm which was established in 1994 which serves to our customers for  some kind of ground support vehicles which we do not produce. Besides, our fourth firm established in 2010 for to produce aircraft and cargo tow tractors. 

Timsan has achieved being well known mark all around the world by  its staff , as  110 employees and more then 1000 subcontractors/suppliers.