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Teconer OyFlag of Finland

Teconer Oy
Runopolku 1b
Fi-00420 Helsinki

Tel.: +358 10 583 0020
Mob.: +358 40 592 3396
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Dr Taisto Haavasoja [email protected]
Chief Marketing Officer: Leena Puhakka [email protected]
Teconer develops, produces and markets environmental sensor technologies and industrial process measurements. We have over 30 years of experience in sophisticated sensor and optical measurement technology.

Business areas include:

  • Winter Maintenance¬†of roads and runways
    • friction and slippery conditions
    • surface condition and temperature
    • water layer thickness
  • Surface Moisture¬†of materials and aggregates
    • water content of stone aggregates for concrete
    • surface moisture of other process materials
  • Consulting and research
    • quality control of winter maintenance in roads and runways
    • optimized usage of anti-icing chemicals
    • weather alerts on roads and runways
    • anti ice systems
    • thermal mapping of highways