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Rosenbauer International AG
Paschinger Straße 90
4060 Leonding
Tel.: +43 732 6794-0
Fax: +43 732 6794-89
Email: [email protected]

Directory categories:
Products & services:
  • Panther ARFF vehicle
  • New Panther ARFF vehicle
  • Buffalo airport fire truck
  • Rescue stairs
  • RIV Rapid Action Vehicle
  • ICAO emergency command vehicles

Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. The company develops and produces vehicles, fire extinguishing systems, equipment and telematics solutions for professional, industrial, plant and volunteer fire services, and systems for industrial firefighting. All of the main sets of standards are covered by products manufactured in Europe, the US and Asia. The Group has an active service and sales network in over 100 countries.