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Nuova MA.NA.RO SpAFlag of Italy

Nuova MA.NA.RO SpA
Via Sandro Pertini 6
Jesi (AN)

Tel.: +39 0731 61961
Fax: +39 0731 605167
Email: [email protected]


For over forty years, the brand NUOVA MANARO has been synonym with quality and reliability in the field of industrial vehicles and special equipment.

Today, more and more Customers choose the technology and quality of  NUOVA MANARO products.

The remarkable success of our Company in both domestic and international markets is the well-deserved acknowledgement for always having accepted, with a leadership-oriented spirit and tireless effort, difficult challenges in terms of quality, reliability and service delivery.

Keeping "Customers satisfaction" as its compass and main purpose,  NUOVA MANARO constantly innovates, updates and expands its range of products.