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Mercury GSE
12519 Cerise Ave
CA 90250
Tel.: +1 562 653 0654
Fax: +1 562 653 0665
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Ron Spiegel [email protected] Tel.: +1 562 653 0654 x 321
Technical Support: Brandon Burrell [email protected] Tel.: +1 562 -653 0654 x 314
Rental/Sales: Rose Valle [email protected] Tel.: +1 562 653 0654 x 300
Founded in 1948 by former Flying Tigers personnel, Mercury Service, Inc. was one of the largest ground handlers on the West Coast. In 1988, Mercury GSE, the ground support equipment division was created and was separated from Mercury Service, Inc.

Ron Spiegel is the president of Mercury GSE and provides leadership and guidance with his more than 30 years of experience in ground support equipment and ground handling experience.

Rental Division

This division handles rental of ground support equipment to the aviation industry all over the world. Based 3 miles from LAX, our large inventory of in-stock equipment available for rent allows us to offer start-up operations and ground handlers the right equipment for any aircraft at very affordable rates.

Sales Division

As part of our excellent worldwide distribution service, we handle GSE from America’s finest ground support equipment manufacturers. We specialize in larger items such as loaders, aircraft tow tractors and air starters. We have an extensive amount of experience delivering quality, working with companies such as Stewart & Stevenson, TUG, Trilectron, TLD, JBT (FMC) and more. We continuously maintain an inventory of approximately 250 pieces of “like new” equipment that can be delivered to clients on short notice. Our expectation is to deliver quality when you want it and when you need it.
Mercury GSE supplies a broad array of aircraft GSE machinery – guaranteed to streamline all aspects of ground support. As a company with years of ground handling experience to its name, we know how to exceed our customers’ needs. Our inventory includes:

  • Aircraft Cargo Loaders
  • Cargo Tractors
  • Aircraft Belt Loaders
  • Dollies
  • Airstarters
  • Stair Trucks
  • Lavatory Trucks
  • Aircraft Air Conditioners
  • Baggage Tractors
  • Catering Trucks
  • Tow Tractor
  • Ground Power Unit