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Meggitt Control Systems
12838 Saticoy Street
North Hollywood
CA 91605
Tel.: +1 818 765 8160
Fax: +1 818 759 2194
Email: [email protected]
Director, Marketing MFP: Mike LaPointe Tel.: +1 262 206 1514 [email protected]
Mgr. SalesAmericas/Asia: Damon Thompson Tel.: +1 817 455 2509 [email protected]
Mgr. Sales EMEA: Stewart Slater Tel.: +44 7764 654755 [email protected]
Mgr. Sales Northern US, Canada: Steve Minier Tel.: +1 248 952 7554 [email protected]
In August 2005, Meggitt PLC acquired UK-based Avery-Hardoll. Its fuelling capabilities were merged with Whittaker Controls in California, a Meggitt group company, to become Meggitt Control Systems.
Meggitt Control Systems has highly experienced sales, marketing and technical personnel located in the US, the UK and Asia. The combined operation is known as a world leader in the development, production and installation of a wide array of ground fuelling products and services.

Whittaker Controls
Whittaker Controls, acquired by Meggitt in 1999, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of a broad range of fluid control devices and systems for commercial and military aircraft, and numerous industrial applications. It has been a signature supplier of these products since its formation in 1942.
The company entered the aviation fuelling industry in 1993 when it acquired Thiem Industries, and has since established itself as the largest provider of ground fuelling products and services in North America for commercial and military aircraft and tanker refuelling. Its products include fuelling nozzles, bottom loading products, hydrant couplers and control valves and the most complete line of underwing nozzles covering equipment for the world's largest commercial airports and small community facilities.

Avery-Hardoll products and services can be traced as far back as 1932. Since then, it has expanded into the design and production of bulk meters, couplings, valves and associated fluid management products and services. While its market share is largely concentrated in Europe, its name is well-known throughout the world.


Meggitt Fuelling Products' positive displacement liquid measuring bulk meters give the highest accuracy and performance over long periods of operation, free from pressure changes and installation effects, at turbine meter economy. These meters offer a stepless calibration system ideally suited for the rigorous demands of tank loading distribution depots and aviation refuelling.  Meters can be supplied with a preset valve. 

Meters can also be supplied with automatic calibration; precision, programmable preset and flow control; flexible low-entry to depot automation; two-way data exchange to a range of office-based terminal automation systems; additive injector and pump control and temperature compensation to ASTM tables.

We also offer a range of basket-type strainers to capture foreign matter in pipelines; and vertical air separators to prevent air passing into the metering compartment upstream and giving the wrong measure.

Meggitt Fuelling Products' couplings are designed for connecting and disconnecting hoses and pipelines under pressure – quickly and without spillage and are available in a wide range of metals: aluminium alloy for ease of handling in the offshore oil industry; gunmetal for the petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where reliability and safety are of prime concern; and stainless steel for high pressure applications.

Our aviation tank unit is the solution for aviation-standard ground applications, including low pressure versions for refueller trucks.

With its unique internal safety interlock integral to the poppet, our robust but lightweight hose end pressure controller is easy to use and maintain and is suitable for all aircraft. The intake coupler complies with all API standard specifications and is designed for long life, low weight, low pressure drop and adjustable smooth opening and closing.

Meggitt Fuelling Products' dry break couplings are compatible with the rail industry standard hose end couplings for spill-free filling in line with environmental regulation.

Control Valves
Meggitt Fuelling Products' control valves help control fuel within the storage and measurement systems of the global petrochemical industry. 

All our hydrant pit valves comply with API safety requirements, with lanyard, air or dual pilot operation, low overshoot volume and pressure drop and a pressure-equalising valve for ease of coupling. 

Aluminium or stainless steel pilot control valves are widely used in aviation bulk fuel and other storage installations for safety shut-off on filter water separators controlled by a water level sensing valve, pressure sensing pilot or emergency solenoid shutdown system.  Their reliability is proven in shipside and other hazardous applications.

Meggitt Fuelling Products' Jet ABLE (automatic bottom loading equipment) valves provide low capital and maintenance costs, no product free fall, smooth valve closure to preset level and require minimum vehicle loading space.

Developed with an international oil company, Meggitt Fuelling Products' environmental pit box and pit valve prevents pit fuel spillage escaping and contaminating surrounding areas. The highly sensitive, multi-application density sensitive valve is used to detect the differences in density of fuel grades, preventing a potentially fatal mix-up between turbine and gasoline tanks. This product has also proved effective as a water drain valve to detect the differences between oil and water.