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MCM Engineering IncFlag of USA

MCM Engineering, Inc
PO Box 4953
845 Hinckley Road
CA 94010
Tel.: +1 650 259 9100
Fax: +1 650 259 9344
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Patrick G. O'Brien
MCM Engineering has supplied 400Hz ground power equipment to airports and hangars around the globe. We have worked closely with Boeing for over 20 years to develop 400Hz power solutions in use at several aircraft fabrication plants which have supported the final assembly of aircraft such as the new Boeing 787.

We are capable of providing a turn-key 400 Hz system-from the 60Hz supply connected to 400Hz via motor generators or solid-state. We include the engineering, product procurement, equipment installation, facility construction, system start-up and training. In addition to electrical power, we are also capable of providing engineering services and equipment for airport PC-Air.

We are able to work as a design consultant, a product supplier, an installing contractor-any combination that best fits our customers' requirements.