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Lift-A-Loft has become well-known for designing and manufacturing custom aerial lift equipment for special applications. Drawing from over 60 years of experience and thousands of previously built custom aerial lifts, we help customers find the solution they need for any given application. Through the years, we have built a reputation for going the extra mile in order to meet the ever-changing aerial lift needs of our customers.

So why choose a Lift-A-Loft product? When you purchase an aerial lift or other lift product from us, you can rest assured we will provide your company with a safe, reliable piece of American-made equipment. Our products are extremely versatile and very stable at any elevation. This allows workers to position closer to the job and feel more comfortable while working at elevation, thus adding to productivity and in the end lowers operating costs.

Lift-A-Loft | Aerospace Support Equipment:

LIFT-A-LOFT has built many long standing relationships throughout the aerospace industry and is regularly faced with accessibility challenges from these customers. In most cases these companies are working with large objects that have unique curvature. It can be difficult in some operations to safely put workers and tools in the best positions to get the job done. When dealing with multi-million dollar products, these customers depend on us to provide the lift equipment solutions they need.

Because of our unique experience designing custom aerial lift platforms, the company is a natural choice for aircraft, rocket and satellite manufacturers along with other specialized companies working with the space program. Whether it is accessing the rear engines on the Space Shuttle Orbiter, installing aircraft components or hanging vintage airplanes in museums, Lift-A-Loft has the ingenuity necessary to support this industry.

Lift-A-Loft takes pride in its ability to look at individual applications from an end user’s point of view. When you do that you gain perspective and appreciate the challenges they face on a daily basis. Once we understand the application, we can recommend a solution whether it is a standard aerial work platform, a modification to a standard lift or a custom designed aerial lift. With thousands of special units designed over the years, Lift-A-Loft is uniquely qualified to provide the proper solution. From the most compact maneuverable aerial work platforms on the market to high capacity aerial work platforms that offer un-paralleled stability, Lift-A-Loft offers aerial work platforms that are built to get the job done.