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KLM Equipment Services BV Flag of Netherlands

KLM Equipment Services BV
P.O. Box 7700 (SPL/TN)
1117 ZL Luchthaven Schiphol
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 20 649 2236
Fax: +31 20 649 3199
Email: [email protected]

KLM Equipment Services (KES) is an independent subsidiary company of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. We offer our many years of expertise and experience in Ground Support Equipment to all ground handling companies.From our home base Amsterdam Airport Schipholwe can suppport in the sale, rental and maintenance of all sorts ground support equipment.

GSE essential for all logistical processes

GSE is the indispensable link in all logistical processes at an Airport In total we maintain approximately 1500 pieces motorised and 750 non-motorised vehicles, owned by various KLM departments and third parties. 

Complex maintenance work

We maintain a great diversity of vehicles needed for the grouns handling of aircraft's. This maintenance work is very complex because of the variety of vehicles and types operate at Amsterdan Airport Schiphol. We as KLM Equipment Services have all the necessary expertise in-house.

Environmental service

The environmental service of KLM Equipment Services takes care of cleaning up all leakages (‘spills’) of harmful fluids at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.