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GNY Equipment Inc
20 Drexel Drive
Bay Shore
NY 11706
Tel.: +1 631 273 4940
Fax: +1 631 273 5018
Email: [email protected]
President: William Peil Tel.: +1 631 273 4940 Ext. 105 [email protected]
Marketing Manager: Jay Shah Tel.: +1 631 273 4940 Ext. 113 [email protected]
GNY Equipment, Inc. (GNY) tracks its origin to Garsite Products Inc. established in 1952. The Company was an early pioneer in the development of hydrant type aircraft refueling equipment and related aircraft ground support equipment. Experience in this field led to the designing and manufacturing of pits required for the early hydrant systems. The need for larger and more sophisticated ground support equipment grew as hydrant type aircraft refueling expanded and Garsite started manufacturing hydrant servicers, hydrant carts (towed) and refuelers.  The company has traded under the name Garsite TSR. The Deer Park facility remained in New York as Garsite International until in December 1995, when GNY Equipment, Inc. was spun-off to an independent status, bringing with it, almost half-century of experience in aviation fueling equipment.  The people at GNY have been manufacturing Aviation fueling equipment for over three decades. 

GNY manufacturing capability includes all modern metal fabrication equipment such as power shears, press brakes and roll forming. We are equipped to handle all weldable alloys using spot, arc, MIG and TIG welding processes. Our machine shop handles a wide variety of metal turning, drilling, milling and grinding operations.

GNY has also designed, manufactured and supplies Liquid, Oil, Gas and Hot Air handling products for the last twenty years.