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Zip code:
NY 11803
+1 516-576-3200
+1 516-576-3221
President: Henry Foister
Director, Airport Operation: Roger Huot
Vice President, Sales: Rich Boily
Vice President, Business Development: Fred DiBenedetto
Fortbrand Services has been in the business of leasing, financing, renting, maintaining and dealing in aircraft ground support and refueling equipment for more than two decades. The company utilizes its experience and expertise to provide tailor made programs to meet the specific requirements of is customers. Fortbrand Services also engages in related activities, including equipment appraisals, consulting, installation of specialized airport facilities projects, as well as acting as a distributor for the sale and lease of unique airfield maintenance equipment.
Sales In addition to providing a fleet of top-quality new and used equipment, Fortbrand offers the convenience of consolidating GSE procurement needs with a single supplier. Fortbrand Services' direct access to GSE manufacturers ensures highly competitive pricing and a vast selection of the latest and most advanced GSE technology. 

Fortbrand’s line of airport snow removal and maintenance equipment is multifunctional and/or multi-seasonal in nature allowing airport operators to more efficiently utilize their limited financial and human resources.
Leasing Both short and long term. For single units or entire fleets.
Rentals On a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. We deliver GSE rentals promptly, wherever the equipment is needed.
Financing Our capital resources offer a myriad of financing possibilities. No transaction is too large, or too small.
Trade-Ins We offer trade-in programs that make it simple to trade older equipment toward the lease or purchase of new GSE that will best address our customers changing business needs.
Appraisals Our experts will provide fast, concise analysis of GSE, enabling our customers to ascertain current market values. We also provide equipment valuations for financial institutions.
Consulting Utilizing our unparalleled experience in the GSE field, we can advise customers with respect to the transportation of equipment, how to best service a fleet of GSE, and how to maintain a steady and reliable flow of replacement parts for both old and new equipment. We also act as financial advisors to businesses in connection with the sale or acquisition of aviation related operations.