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At virtually every major world airport, and hundreds of others, our market leading Surface Friction Measurement system, GripTester, sets the standard for the continuous measurement of skid resistance. First trialed by the British Airports Authority in 1988 it is still the world’s leading friction measuring device. Regularly measuring runway surface friction enables accurate information to be communicated to pilots approaching for landing. And by monitoring rubber build up, removal planning can be optimised, improving safety and extending the life of the runway. GripTester Mk2 gives a real time graphical display of surface friction levels. It produces reports compliant with CAP 683, the CAA’s standard for the assessment of runway surface friction characteristics.

Whatever the Weather

Monitoring weather conditions requires the widespread deployment of sensors and management systems that can collect, analyse and interpret incoming data. The benefits of having this information include de-icing only when necessary, improving safety, minimising wastage and reducing environmental impact. Our Weather Monitoring Station measures critical environmental data (wind speed, precipitation, temperature) from an array of sensors and communicates this to our central management system, ICELERT, enabling preventative actions to be taken an optimising the use of expensive resources.