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CEO: Craig Walker [email protected]
Executive Director, for Strategic & International: Zenovy Wowczuk [email protected]
Frequency Converters  - 400 Hz 
The FCX Systems Solid State Frequency Converters are designed for use as a power source to develop Aircraft Quality 400 Hz Power, for use on passenger boarding bridges as fixed apron-mount converters, in cart mounted configuration for flight line or hangar use, and in Central System applications.

The Solid State Frequency Converter is designed to change incoming power at 50 or 60 Hz to aircraft quality power at 400 Hz. The terms solid-state frequency converter, precision frequency converter (PFC), static converter and static frequency changer are used interchangeably throughout the world.  The following paragraph briefly outlines the conversion technique that is utilized to accomplish the frequency change.

Theory of Operation: Series “PFC” Solid State Frequency Converters are designed to change conventional 50 Hz or 60 Hz electrical energy to virtually any other frequency.  The frequency conversion is accomplished in a two (2)-stage process. The first stage converts the incoming alternating supply voltage to a controlled DC voltage (rectification). The second stage inverts the DC voltage to an alternating supply voltage at the desired output frequency (Inversion). In stage #1, the conversion of the incoming alternating voltage to a controlled DC voltage is performed by a three (3) phase, full wave, Thyristor (SCR) controlled bridge rectifier array. The inversion process, stage #2, uses multiple transistorized inverter arrays to produce the desired output frequency. Both stages are controlled by high-speed digital logic circuits equipped with precise feedback systems and redundant alarm networks. The output of the static converter is a sine wave with very low harmonic content.

Configuration: A SCR Full Wave Bridge Rectifier with Phase Capture Feedback Network controls the power SCRs. The power train is equipped with tight tolerance Metal Oxide Varistors and RC snubber circuits to protect the power handling semiconductors and triggering circuit from damaging transient voltages. Incoming transient voltage spikes are suppressed to approximately 66% of the rating of the power SCRS.

Pre-Conditioned Air Units (DX and AHU)
The Pre-Conditioned Direct Expansion (DX) and Air Handler Units (AHU) units are offered from 20 Ton to 150 Ton electric powered, automatically controlled air conditioning units. These units provide ventilation, cooling, dehumidifying, filtering, and heating of air supplied to parked aircraft.

The Pre-Conditioned Air units are offered from 20 Ton to 150 Ton electric powered, self-contained, automatically controlled air conditioning units. These units provide ventilation, cooling, dehumidifying, filtering, and heating of air supplied to parked aircraft. These units are designed to provide comfortable cabin temperatures for passengers and crew during pre-flight, turn around, overnight parking, and maintenance operations.  

These units can be bridge mounted or stand mounted on the ground. A duct basket can be mounted in front of the bridge cross tube or in front of the stand mounted unit and holds one sets of 60 feet long; 14-inch diameter insulated flat hose. A VFD for the blower motor controls the airflow for narrow body aircraft to the mid-size aircraft types. 

Control of the unit is attained by means of three push buttons. One button is used for of the two modes, Mid Mode, and Narrow Mode, and one button for Stop/Reset of the unit. These modes, and all of the components are controlled by a solid state Direct Digital Controller (DDC) with communication capability. This capability can be used to link other units together for central monitoring of the performance of the units. 

A main power disconnect handle is provided on the outside on the control box to disconnect the power when the door is open for maintenance.  

The frame of the unit is made of stainless steel tubing and angles. The doors and access panels are made of aluminum. The electrical control box is also made of aluminum. The frame and panels are powder coated to further protect the unit from corrosion. 

To control the noise level, there are no openings for fans, coils, etc. on the sides, front, or back of the unit. Openings are at the top and bottom only. 

The evaporator coils are enclosed in a stainless steel plenum with a drain pan to collect the condensate water. A condensate pump is provided to remove the condensate to a proper disposal point. 

Electric heating coils are provided to heat the aircraft type intended. The heating coils are heavy-duty fin tubular type.

Frequency Converters

  • 50 /60 /400 Hz Vertical Systems (5 KVA – 1.5 MW)
  • Parallel Systems
  • Point of Use Systems (30 KVA – 180 KVA)
  • Central Systems (180 KVA – 1.5 MW)
  • Shore Power / Dockside Power

Pre- Conditioned Air (PCAir) and Air Handler Units (AHU)

  • PC Air from 20 Ton – 150 Ton
  • AHUs from 20 Ton - 150 Ton

Diesel Ground Power units (GPU)

  • 60 KVA Diesel 400 Hz GPU
  • 90 –120  Diesel 400 Hz GPU
  • 180 KVA Diesel 400 Hz GPU
  • 28 VDC Diesel GPU

DC Power Supplies

  • 28 VDC
  • 270 VDC

Combination Units

  • External APU
  • 30, 45 and 60 KVA – 90 KVA AC/DC Combination Unit


  • Cables
  • Remotes
  • Floor Stands
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Truck / Trailer Mounting
  • Hoses
  • LDC units
  • Gate Boxes
  • Distribution Panel
  • Telescoping Duct
  • Retrievers and Reels
  • Hard Duct