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Eagle Industries DWC-LLCFlag of UAE

Eagle Industries DWC-LLC
PO Box: 127673
Plot WC-08, Street WC01
Dubai Logistics City
Dubai World Central
United Arab Emirates.
Tel.: +971 4 804 8888
Fax: +971 4 804 8889
Email: [email protected]
Sales: Christine Puga [email protected] Mob.: +971 56 131 0407
EAGLE Industries is privately owned and operated airport ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturer. The factory is located in Dubai Logistics City and operates under the umbrella of Dubai World Central. Equipped with the expertise of highly qualified professionals and state of art machinery and systems we set the standards for manufacturing airport GSE in the Gulf region, Middle East, and Africa.


  • Can produce up to 3000 luggage tractors per annum
  • All metal fabrication activities in a single facility
  • State-of-the-art metal cutting equipment, CNC machining, and robot bending & welding
  • State-of-the-art metal surface preparation
  • High volume paint (wet) and dry facility
  • Four 52-meter semi-automated assembly lines
  • Production of heavy-weight airport GSE
  • Our Products AZM E-2500 KG TOW TRACTOR
    Our electric?tow tractor is in line with all emission standards, to reduce the planets carbon footprint, equipped with a conventional traction battery, powering an integrated electric motor/drive axle assembly. This green monster car easily handles the loads in any airport setting.

    A new line of diesel GSE tow tractor ranging between 3000 to 8000 lbs DBP.A compact design meets the expectation of the most demanding of applications.

    The biggest AZM diesel pushback has arrived. It has no equal in class when it comes to meeting the requirements of the most demanding customers, driving comfort and ease of operation and maintenance. With or without cabin it can be offered. This pushback can be tailored to a perfect fit.

    Medical Lift and Catering Truck
    A recent joint venture agreement with a European supplier has been signed making it possible for EAGLE Industries to offer tested and proven medical lifts and catering trucks that can reach heights up to 5800 mm.

    Baggage Cart
    Lift and drop grille type doors for easy loading. Load bed sloped towards a central drainage channel. Single steering with brakes on front wheels, activated, with tow bar in rose or when lowered to the ground. Tow Bar at the front and tow hitch at the rear suitable for four loaded cart towing.

    10" Dolly
    Airport Luggage and Cargo Dollies

    Dollies range of products includes luggage dollies of different configurations 10-ft & 20-ft cargo dollies, and stillage.