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FODMaster® RockSweeper Models RS-48RS-96, and RS-150

The simple, reliable, for removal of sand, rocks, metal parts, chipped concrete, asphalt, safety wire and other ferrous/non-ferrous objects on the flightline.

Your FOD removal costs will drop dramatically once you hook up one of these efficient, traction-driven units to your flightline vehicles turning them into powerful sweeping machines.

All motors, hydraulic, vacuum attachments, and fuel have been eliminated as well as the man-hours, parts and downtime required to repair them.

The FODMaster® Rock Sweeper’s brush drive is geared to its own wheels, so your flightline vehicle provides all the power this sweeper needs, sweeping as you go about your daily work.

It was developed for a one-person operation. Our side-mounted debris hoppers can hold 40-60 lbs of collected FOD and are easy to remove, dump and return. The single crank brush adjustment, light tongue weight, fully adjustable Pintle Hook Towing Eye and adjustable support ack make hitching up and operating quick and easy.

It is possible to get two jobs done for the cost of one as your flightline vehicles sweep as they go about doing their regular duties.Aviation Personnel Please Note

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) to aircraft comes from many sources.

Damage from ground Foreign Objects can be minimized if you have a good program set up to keep your ground ops environment FOD Free. The FODMaster® Rock Sweepers and our other FOD controlling equipment can be combined to create and maintain an effective program…and make it happen easily and efficiently.