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Aviaco GSE Flag of Belgium

Aviaco GSE
Remerstraat, 50
B-3128 Baal
Tel.: +32 471 94 27 80
Fax: -
Mob.: +32 471 94 27 80
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Danny Vranckx
COO: Bart Kroonenberg
Aviaco GSE represents new GSE manufacturers for passenger handling & Cargo handling equipment manufacturers.

Aviaco GSE also offers a large range of used GSE equipment, from leading brands of GSE equipment. All of our equipment can, if required, be fully refurbished in our own GSE refurbishment workshop.

About Aviaco GSE:
Aviaco offers a wide range used and refurbished ground support equipment, specifically for the aviation sector. Located in Belgium and the Netherlands, within reach of Brussels and Amsterdam airports, and with access to an adjacent seaport, the company is ideally positioned to transport equipment to any destination around the world. Spare parts and technical back-up are to hand and GSE can also be rented on a short as well as a long term basis. Furthermore, Aviaco is also able to source new GSE for its clients, if required. In all, the company has 25 years of experience in this sector.