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Aero Jet Wash, LLC presents an on-wing washing system using injected water or detergent which penetrates deep into the engine, cleaning performance stealing contaminants.

The Aero Jet Wash cleaning process is superior in terms of its cleaning efficiency and matchless environmentally friendliness. With the Aero Jet Wash process there are no harsh effluents blown out into the atmosphere. The newly developed Collection Suit recovers the fluids used in the wash, along with the poisonous effluent they clean from the engine. Best of all, this is accomplished in a fraction of the time taken for traditional engine wash events.

The Aero Jet Wash’s Collection Suit has been carefully designed and tested to be used in all U.S. and international airports and maintenance facilities with the environmental concerns in mind.

It is the revolutionary Aero Jet Wash’s Collection Suit that has changed the face of engine washing in the industry. Accomplishing engine washing in a fraction of the time traditional engine washes take, this new method can be accomplished virtually anywhere the aircraft is parked.