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Marketing Director: Francois Mamert [email protected] Tel.: +34 902 300 161
Provides engineering know-how and advanced solutions for the world’s leading international airports. From advanced boarding bridges and terminal solutions to innovative ground support equipment and airport technological services, ADELTE is focused on working closely with its partners to improve airport operations.
  • Passenger Boarding Bridges

    Passenger Boarding Bridges

    Enhancing airport operations and ensuring total safety and comfort for both passengers and operators.

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  • Ground Support Equipments

    Ground Support Equipments

    Designed to lower operational costs and to ensure fast, safe and efficient turnaround of passenger aircrafts.

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  • Passenger Terminal Solutions

    Passenger Terminal Solutions

    Bringing smart technology to the challenge of running busy airports.

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  • Airport Global Services

    Global Services

    Allow Airports to maintain optimum operating capacity on the platform and to offer excellent service to airlines.