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We always keep a stock of several very frequently used blanco pallets, nets and straps. These include:
  • New and used PMC pallets (in stock). If not in stock, delivery within 4 weeks;
  • New and used 20 ft pallets (in stock). If not in stock delivery within 6 weeks;
  • New and used PAJ pallets can be delivered within 6 weeks.
  • New Cargo nets for all sizes (PGA, PRA, PMC, PAJ and many more)
  • Straps in all sizes colours and prints
It goes without saying that we also supply all other less frequently purchased and leased containers, pallets, nets and straps.

Next to our own products, we sell all brands available in the marketplace. We are an innovative company, in that we are constantly providing feedback to air cargo equipment manufacturers in order to help improve the quality of their products.

We work in close conjunction with D.O.T. Tiedown, a global leader in the tiedown and cargo control industry. D.O.T. Tiedown offers a full line of quality branded and private label restraints and cargo equipment that can be seen around the globe.

For your convenience, we keep your materials in stock for you, for which service we will not charge you. You will be invoiced per delivery. For example: you can order 2,000 118'' cargo nets with your own company logo and colours, but you will only be invoiced for the nets you actually use. The rest of the stock will be kept at our facilities. We can work with airlines to stock equipment at airports across the US and Europe.

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