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AcccessAir Systems Inc
6705 Route 132
QC, J5C 1B6

Tel.: +1 450 638 5441
Fax: +1 450 638 2865
Email: [email protected]
Website: /
President: Guy Dostie [email protected] Tel.: +1 450 638 5441 Ext. 231
Parts & Service Manager: Jason Dostie [email protected] Tel.: +1 450 638 5441 Ext. 249
Sales & Marketing Coordinator: Ms Shirley Seller Tel.: +1 450 638 5441 Ext. 239

In terms of both engineering and manufacturing ACCESSAIR evolved from, and is part of, the INOX-TECH GROUP which has been in existence for over 25 years as a manufacturer specializing in the engineering and fabrication of “High Pressure” stainless steel equipment, liquid distribution systems and complete process plants for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

ACCESSAIR was launched in 1997 in response to the lack of innovation and technical advancement, which had begun to motivate purchasers in the industry to search for fabricators other than their mainstream suppliers.

With Inox-Tech’s special expertise in the development of vacuum systems and automated liquid process systems, the entry into ground support equipment – as well as passenger and cargo handling equipment – was a natural fit, and over the last 15 years ACCESSAIR has built a solid reputation as a fabricator of quality products for the global market.

Our extensive background and expertise in stainless steel tanks is a major advantage to our clients, particularly with products like lavatory and potable water service vehicles, which are manufactured in a contamination-free environment required of ASME certified producers of stainless steel products.

Just a few milestones we’re proud of:

      • ACCESSAIR was the first company in North America to manufacture an airstair to reach 228″ (5.8M)
      • ACCESSAIR is the only manufacturer offering an optional air-driven canopy system on passenger covers, at the top and at the bottom of the airstairs, to mate with both the aircraft and airport buses.
      • ACCESSAIR has incorporated lifts into the structure of its airstairs to handle single wheelchairs, as well as manufacturing AMBULIFTS (disabled passenger lifts) to handle a combination of wheelchairs and stretchers.
      • ACCESSAIR’s APS60FR Fire & Rescue vehicle provides access to aircraft along with fire fighting & emergency equipment, which makes it the ideal unit for fire/security personnel to respond to a variety of emergency situations.
      • ACCESSAIR’s SKYWALKER™ modular bridge and fixed walkway systems are available with air-driven canopy systems, which completely envelop aircraft doors and stairs, providing full shelter while boarding or disembarking from regional type aircraft.
      • ACCESSAIR’s engineering and design team has developed a cost-effective vacuum lavatory unit which is technologically innovative and affordable.
      • ACCESSAIR’s airport operations division, now under the banner of ACCESSAIR Services Inc., has maintained a fleet of PLANE-MATE passenger transfer vehicles at the Montreal Airports since 2000.
      • ACCESSAIR acquired the manufacturing rights to produce new PLANE-MATES in 2000 and has since designed adaptations for new uses including VIP lounges, Medical & Rescue evacuation units and mobile Security or Quarantine station.
      • ACCESSAIR launched its Moody Products Division in 2004, and added a line of cargo handling equipment including container trailers, pallet dollies, racks, slave pallets, and baggage and cargo carts which were previously manufactured under the banner of Moody Industries.

ACCESSAIR’s substantial in-house engineering service is experienced in structural, hydraulic and mechanical design as well as in the programming and design of control panels and system automation. Our technical staff is available to analyze customer requirements, to oversee production to airport industry codes, to prepare operations and maintenance manuals and to respond to requests for trouble-shooting assistance by telephone or e-mail.

Our technicians are available to conduct on-site training and commissioning sessions and to offer expert technical assistance to international customers in most areas.