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Clever Handling Services
C/ Riazor 12, 1-2
28042 Madrid

Tel.: +34 91 745 91 98
Fax: +34 91 745 91 87
Email: [email protected]


Baggage Handling

  • Baggage sorting.
  • Sorting, prioritisation of baggage according to airlines’ specifications.
  • Special baggage handling, skis, surfboards, etc.
  • Baggage reconciliation according to airline specifications.

Cargo and mail handling

  • Transfer of goods and mail from/to aircraft to/from cargo terminal.
  • Verification of documents related to the goods transported.
  • Checking the status of the goods and notification of any breakage, possible missing content, etc.

Aircraft services and cleaning

  • GSE: GPU, ASU, ACU, push back.
  • Passengers & Crew transportation.
  • Cabin cleaning: standard, deep and reduced cleaning services.
  • Exterior cleaning.
  • Holds and ULDs cleaning.
  • Water and Toilet services.
  • Linen treatment, storage and transportation.
  • Cabin dressing and storage.
  • Waste disposal and recycling.
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