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Bestfly Flight SupportFlag of Angola

Bestfly Flight Support
Tel.: +24 49 2488-1000

Guaranteed assistance to aircrafts arriving and or departing Luanda international Airport, providing exterior and interior cleaning services, stairs, GPU, Air Starter, Air Conditioning Cart.

BESTFLY is the only local business handling agent to own and operate its equipment, significantly increasing its level of efficiency.

Current BESTFLY equipment air side in Luanda:-

1 A320/B737 Steps 1 A320/B737 Conveyor belt
1 GPU TLD 115V-60KVA /28,5V-1000A 1 GPU HOBART 28,5V-600A
1 Aero Specialties WC180RJ-2E Potable Water Cart 1 Aero Specialties L100E Potable Water Cart
1 Aero Specialties LC270RJ-3E Lavaroty Water Cart 1 Aero Specialties L100G Lavatory Waste Cart
2 VIP Mini-Buses 1 30.000 lbs Lektro Electric Tug
1 100.000 lbs Lektro Electric Tug 2 Hyundai H-1 Minivan
1 130.000 lbs Diesel Tug 1 Pick-Up Mitsubishi L200

Current BESTFLY equipment air side in Catumbela:-

2 A320/B737 Steps 2 A320/B737 Conveyor belt
1 200 Gallons Potable Water Cart 1200 Gallons Lavaroty Water Cart
1 Suzuki APV Mini-Van 1 800.000 lbs Diesel Tug
1 B737 Tow Bar 1 B777 Tow Bar
1 DC10 Tow Bar 1 Airbus 320 / 330 / 340
Airlines handled: