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Base Aviation ServicesFlag of Nigeria

Base Aviation Services
2 Murtala Mohammed International Airport Rd

Tel.: +234 1 793 7067
Mobile: +234 803 304 4884
Fax: +234 1 493 9475
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Joseph Abel Nyang  [email protected] Tel.: +234 1 482 4562

Flight and Ground Handling Services:

Base Aviation Systems Ltd currently provides passenger and ramp handling at major Airports Nationwide. At a glance, these services include the following:

Station Management/Administration & Airline Representation
Ramp Handling Services
Fuelling Services 
Executive Aviation
Customs & immigration assistance
Passenger & Crew Assistance/Transportation
Traffic rights & landing permits
Flight planning & weather – NOTAMs
Catering arrangements
Aircraft Charter 
Hotel & Restaurant reservations
Aircraft Total cleaning services

Cargo Services:
Document Handling (Import/Export)
Cargo Handling in a Third Party Facility 
Freighter Ramp Services
Special Cargo Handling (Dangerous Goods, Live Animal) 
Outsourced Hub Operations and Management
Cargo Security

Logistics Support Services:
Freight forwarding and Speedy Customs Clearance (Sea/Air)
Mail Handling 
Call Centre and Airline Customer Services
Trucking Services and / Transportation
Express-VIP freight

All services are provided by professionals with good expertise and servicing skills, who offer assistance beyond expectation. 
Our staff members are hand-picked, alert, personally committed and highly motivated. They understand the importance of efficiency and trustworthiness in the world of business aviation. It goes without saying that they abide by the rules of discretion and confidentiality.

BASE AVIATION SYSTEMS LIMITED is one of Nigeria’s leading aviation services firms with a network covering major airports nationwide. Our comprehensive range of capabilities has been offered to the industry for several years. The company has received recognitions and accreditation from Aviation Regulatory Authorities on the basis of its innovative spirit, quality leadership and excellent customer service.

With very dedicated employees across the country, BASE AVIATION SYSTEMS serves its clients flying into major Nigerian Airports. Our expertise extends across all flight planning and management, aircraft ramp, refueling facilitation and passenger handling services. Our greatest assets include strong teamwork, safety and environmental consciousness, and outstanding human resource development.

BASE AVIATION SYSTEMS relies on this rich repository of know-how and technical resources to assure high quality and quick support for both business and carrier jet users. We transform this valuable experience, package it with our exclusive blend of care and attention to special needs.