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AAMFlag of Macedonia

Dame Gruev br.7 lok.7
1000 Skopje
Tel.: +389 2 311 7009
Fax: +389 2 316 5531
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Zoran Malinovski
Deputy Director: Daniel Andonovic [email protected] Mob. +389 70 230403
AM was established in 1992 as a company with mixed ownership – Adria Airways with 51% and domestic legal subject 49%. In 2006 AAM was transform into privately own company with 100% domestic capital. The total number of personnel is 11. AAM also cooperates with many external parties which provide regional coverage. Our core business locations are located at:
  • Head Office – the strict center in the city of Skopje
  • Airport Skopje – “Alexandar The Great” – R. Macedonia - Ground operation desk and Ticketing desk

We also have a network of partners cooperating with us at the following locations:

  • Airport Ohrid – “St. Paul”(OHD) – R. Macedonia
  • Airport Pristina (PRN) - Kosovo
  • Airport Tirana (TIA) - Albania
  • Airport Podgorica (TGD) - Montenegro
  • Airport Tivat (TIV) - Montenegro
  • Airport Belgrade (BEG) - Serbia
  • Airport Nis (INI) - Serbia
Pax handling, VIP handling, ramp handling, representation, flight support services
Airlines handled:
JP, WK, JU, AB, 4T, LX